Baseball Scorekeeping

Baseball scorekeeping is considered art since many people do not do it anymore, but this classic art can be really valuable for many purposes. Major League Baseball does not have instant replay technology, but the call for this technology has been loud from fans and players alike.

Why Classic Scorekeeping in Baseball is a Valuable Classic Art

Reasons to Learn Baseball Scorekeeping

Baseball game got its share in technology; now, instead of classic scorekeeping, advanced scoreboard is used to record points. However, baseball scorekeeping using pencil and paper is a still valuable art despite its seemingly old fashioned style. You can do this to help you following the game, and even information source for baseball betting.

Baseball scorekeeping means writing downs the stats and scores manually on a piece of specially designed paper, and this job is done officially or by amateur scorekeepers. This is by no means easy, since scorekeepers must be updated about every situation on the field from time to time, and they must create very accurate stats on their forms. A good scorekeeping must be in such way so everyone that understands baseball stats and scoring symbols will be able to recreate the game just by looking.

Why Major League Baseball Still Refuses Instant Replay Technology

Important Addition for Major League Baseball

Instant replay is a technology that replays what happen on the latest moments of a game, and it is often used to solve arguments between players or player and umpire. However, from many sport major leagues, the Major League Baseball is among the hesitant. While there is definitely instant replay to see a homerun, the using of this technology for other play moments is still limited.

Many players such as Juan Pierre, Michael Cuddyer, Joe Nathan and Garrett Jones have voiced their wishes about Major League Baseball using instant replay right now. According to them, there are still some problems related to umpire’s decision about whether a player crosses the line or not. Plus, some umpires do not like instant replay simply because they do not want to be beaten by a technology. In the end, players must depend fully to the integrity and skill of the umpires.